Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If I compare my hometown with Vancouver, I don't find any similarities. I live in a very small village in the countryside. There's only one small food shop, one bakery and three restaurants, but no nightclubs,no supermarkets, no shopping mals and no international restaurants. However, Vancouver is a huge and interesting city with a lot of stores, pubs, clubs, theatres and a lot more. In Vancouver, restaruants from all over the world are commonplace and it's a very international city. On the other hand my village is very traditional and not multi-cultural.
I think globalisation isn't making every city the same, this is too exageratet. Only the huge cities in the bigger countries are developping similar because of the globalisation, but not the smaller ones. Or perhaps are the smaller countries only laging behind the other countries and in the future they look like the huge citys now?
I hope that every city will keep her own culture, lifestyle and atmosphere. But I think that a lot of these things will disappear because of the rapidly developing of the world.

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